I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rockville neighbor and new friend Lesley Lightfoot through a local songwriters group to bring this duet to life. Funny what talent is sitting in your own neighborhood! “Tolstoy” is a story about a fictional couple's journey through the phases of their relationship and the uncertainty along the way as the times change, and love evolves. It draws inspiration a little bit from Springsteen and a little bit from Swift, among others. As often, thanks to Kyle McAllister for adding just the right touch with the guitar.



Working with Lesley at the piano!













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  • Performed by - Drew Pictures, Lesley Lightfoot
  • Music & Lyrics written by - Andrew Glor
  • Produced by - Andrew Glor
  • Mixed & Mastered by - Kyle Holland
  • Piano - Andrew Glor
  • Guitar - Kyle McAllister
  • Bass - Marcin Palider
  • Drums - Glenn Welman
  • Cover Art - Helen Christine Gottberg



Title: “Tolstoy"

Male Part: 
Say to me you’re happy now 
Twist the words, ease my doubts 
I’m lonely

I have not seen paradise 
You don’t have to sympathize 
If only whoa, oh oh if only

We had roses in our eyes 
We told delightful lies

You said ooh you're trouble boy 
I'm not your pixie girl and I read Tolstoy 
I really do 
Now how 'bout you? 
I said hey, I'm a modern man 
I've been to Tokyo, I'm a Bernie fan 
I give a damn 
Hold my hand 
You understand me 
But do you love me?

Female Part: 
That was many years ago 
Before we lived and worked 
At home up county

I have loved and I have lost 
Count of all the lines we crossed 
Will you hold me, oh oh you never never never hold me

I believed your lullabies 
Never stopped to wonder why

They said ooh the wedding ring 
She’s quite unsure and she needs something blue 
And something new 
They said hey, he’s a little shy 
But he’s got plans and he shares his fries 
No surprise 
You’ll compromise 
Now you’re family 
That’s what they said back when you loved me

Male Part: 
Ooh as dreams go by 
You can barely hear the peace and quiet 
Should we talk about the things you don’t like?

Female Part: 
Hey I’m feeling overlooked 
Recognizable like an open book 
I can’t keep giving you more than you took

Male Part: 
Ooh can you read my mind 
It’s subliminal, it’s the daily grind 
Are we kind enough to leave the past behind?

Female Part: 
Hey save the valentines  
for another girl for another time 
I can’t keep living this way  without a fight 
What’s our Plan B?

Don’t throw us away, do you still love me? 
The way that we once  loved 
Do you love me?  
Is this modern life enough? 
Do you love me? 
The way that we once loved 
Do you love me?  
Is this modern life enough?

Do you still love me?